Saturday, July 17, 2010

What is it all about?

There exists a rather common problem of identifying some medications. Or, to be exact, identifying some pills that can be distinguished by a code imprinted or embossed on them. These codes or pill indexes have incredible variations, and we have no chance of listing and classifying all of them here. Here, we shall only examine pills that have the letter "M" as part of their indexes.

What does this "M" mean? A common situation is representing a company's name with a letter. In this case, we find two well-known pharmaceutical companies which have names starting with M. They are Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical Inc. Both of them manufacture a wide range of medicines, and some of the pills do bear an M on them, e.g. Mylan's M 321 pill (generic lorazepam), or Mallinckrodt's M582 pill (generic Percocet).

In this blog, we shall try and help you identify such pills, telling you what meds and what strengths they are, as well as what they are used for.

You are very welcomed to leave your comments here, sharing your opinions, asking questions, and providing other visitors with more information.

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